TYSON HaspLock

regular model

The Regular Model is ideal for through or surface mounting. The Gate-Plate Model requires the steel mounting plates to be welded to a steel frame or gate. The Single-Hinge or Double-Hinge Models are ideal for right angle or round-the-corner fixing.

The HaspLock is ideal for use in the following areas;

  • Airports
  • Seaports
  • Defence Facilities
  • Transport – Road & Rail
  • Telecommunication Facilities
  • Water Suppliers

Applications include;

  • Store fronts – swinging or sliding
  • Roller doors
  • Toolboxes
  • Van and truck doors
  • Energy Suppliers
    (Electricity, Gas & Oil),
  • Parks & Wildlife
  • Local & Federal
    Government Agencies
  • Asset and General Security


  • Garage doors
  • Meter boxes
  • Vending machines
  • Gates

The features of the HaspLock are:

  • Hardened steel lock bodies, screw covers and front cylinder covers.
  • Higher security ‘deadlocking’ as opposed to a lower security ‘snap-locking design’.
  • The Hasp swings outwards after unlocking and then pivots downwards to be unobtrusive.
  • Auxiliary Hasp Clip then secures the Hasp in the unlocked position.
  • All of the HaspLock models are fitted with an integrated standard 6-pin Schlage C ‘Key-in-Knob’ style cylinder that can be easily upgraded with most high security cylinders such as Abloy, Kaba, Medeco, CyberKey, Mul-T-Lock, EVVA and BiLock.
  • Easy to install with through-mounted fixings for increased security.
  • Optional surface mounting for either the hinge side or staple side or both if required.
  • Key access from the side for additional security or easier access, particularly for gate installations.
  • Optional lock cylinder dust cover – can be added prior to installation or at a later date.
  • Non-handed so is ideal for left or right hand mounting.
  • High resistance to bolt cutters, jemmy bars, hammers, drills and hacksaws.
  • High breaking force of 4,400lb (2,000kg).
  • Black E-Coated and powder coated surface finish for high corrosion resistance.

HaspLock models



Regular Model for flush mounting. Can be through or surface mounted.



Single-Hinge Model for 90 degree inner or outer mounting. Can be through or surface mounted.



Double-Hinge Model for 90 degree inner, outer or curved mounting. Can be through or surface mounted.



Gate-Plate Model for flush mounting. Comes with steel plates that require welding onto steel gates or frames.

HaspLock auxiliary items



Dust Cover can be added as required. Note: After removing the two plastic plugs from the Module Insert a M3 x 0.5P tap may have to be used to clean out the thread holes before attaching the Dust Cover.



Spacers 1/8” (3mm) thick that sit under the Hinge or Staple to allow for mis-aligned doors or frames.



KN Module Insert replaces the Anti-Drill insert that is supplied with the HaspLock. Required for use with other styles of high security cylinders such as Kaba, CyberKey, Medeco or BiLock. Note: If the Dust Cover is to be installed then after removing the two plastic plugs a M3 x 0.5P tap may have to be used to clean out the thread holes before attaching it.

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