TYSON High Security HaspLock

TYSON is a product design company focused on Innovative Solutions for the Security, Safety and Delivery fields.

TYSON has introduced the High Security HaspLock. Cast in alloy steel and case hardened, the HaspLock is designed to give a high resistance to boltcutters, jemmy bars, hammers, drills and hacksaws.

A conventional hasp and staple and padlock locking system can often be easily broken into with boltcutters, both manual and powered, as well as a jemmy bar or hacksaw.

With a breaking force of 4,400lbs (2,000kg) the HaspLock is designed to replace this conventional hasp and staple and padlock arrangement, and to provide far greater physical security than this traditional system.

You can purchase the HaspLock products from our secure online STORE or REGISTER for a Trade Dealer Discount Account. All TYSON products are shipped free within the USA and Canada.

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